Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I know I haven't posted in awhile!! Sorry, but in starting my new Mary Kay business I have decided to put my focus on building relationships and my business! I will stop in though from time to time to show you a great deal or a helpful tip!
My Publix run today $12.79!!! Yeah!
Amount Saved $35.68!!! 
I had a lady stop me in the store because of her amazement with my coupon binder and how organized I was with it!! I just love it!! I love to help other save!! I also got all the women around me at the check out talking about Dave Ramsey and his envelope system wallet that I use!! Another great way to keep yourself on track on the road to being debtfree!! Finally, Mary Kay allows me to help women get more for their money not only in the quality of product for a great price but by hosting parties to earn free stuff!! 
So how was your shopping this week??

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